Friday, October 9, 2009

1932 Video of Star and Fiddler's Convention

We received an email today with a very interesting video of Star from 1932.

This is a short clip of supposedly authentic North Carolina Piedmont "Old Time Music" recorded in Star on April 3, 1932.

What I found interesting about this video is the building behind the fiddlers. It looks like the fiddler's convention was held at a schoolhouse. I believe that this might have been the school building that is at the center of our STARworks building. Let me explain more...

In the late 1800s, The Carolina Collegiate and Agriculture Institute was built in Star. The school housed students and included many buildings, including dorms and the president's home. The name changed to the Country Life Academy. The school existed until the early 1940s when the building was taken over and made into a hosiery mill.

We take pride in the history of this old building. Today the building sits in the middle of the mill. A new roof has been put on the building and Central Park NC and STARworks NC are hoping that with funding, we can one day tear down the offices in front of the building. This will allow the original building to be viewable from the street. I am personally excited for this renovation to take place. As a newbie in the building, I have only briefly explored all of the spaces of this huge former mill. I have gone into the school building and have fallen in love with the history that pours from every wall and floor.

I will leave you with some pictures from the Country Life Academy.

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  1. Very cool old pics. It would be great if someone could idea where the video was recorded.. Anyone out there know?