Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Clay Factory Assistant Position Available

STARworks Ceramics is looking for a part-time assistant for the clay factory.

If you are qualified or know of someone who is qualified, send resume addressing relevant experience to info@starworksnc.org or by fax at (910) 428-1001. Candidates may also fill out an application at the front office of STARworks/Central Park NC at 100 Russell Drive, Star, NC 27356.


Events, Open Houses and Chaos

Chaos has begun at Central Park NC. Employees are gearing up for big things and the Central Park region will benefit from it! We have events, open houses, workshops, classes, and so much more to look forward to as Fall creeps up on us.

Summer was very relaxed and we were able to get lots of projects completed. We have a new deck in the back of our building, the biofuels plant is getting a good cleaning for the new equipment, and the garden has been in full bloom and supplying the building and the community with fresh, organic vegetables. Now with August ending, it is time to focus on ending the year with a bang.


So today in our weekly staff meeting here in the STARworks building, we have finalized the date for our annual meeting. It is....drum roll....October 29! It will be on a Thursday from 5:30 to 8:00pm. You NEED to be at this event this year because with all of the creative, crazy, and fun ideas that were being thrown out there during our brainstorming session, this event can be nothing but a blast.

Our theme this year is Localism. In my opinion, this theme represents everything that Central Park NC stands for. We are all about local living from buying our supplies from local merchants to getting food from local farmers to making fuel that will be used by the community. That is what will keep our towns and cities thriving. We want this localism theme to grow and spread all around our eight county region.

I hope to see lots of people there as we eat, drink, dance, and be merry. I bet you did not know that we can have a lot of fun!

You must RSVP for the event. RSVP by emailing info@starworksnc.org or by calling our offices at (910) 428-9001.


In another part of our building, the Ceramics staff are getting ready for their open house being held this Friday, August 28, from 5-7pm. Takuro and Santiago have been making our local North Carolina clay all week in order to have samples ready for all of our visitors. This clay has been so popular with potters that it has sold out and people are asking everyday for us to make more. During the open house, you can partake of complimentary food and beverage, tour the clay factory, or talk with some of the Central Park and STARworks staff.

There is so much going on at Central Park and STARworks that one blog just isn't enough. Go to our websites to find out more!


Friday, August 14, 2009

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Explore Our Small Towns: Mt. Gilead, NC

Lately, I have been hearing about all of the great things going on in the small town of Mt. Gilead, NC. This small town located in Montgomery County is making a name for itself in the area. This weekend, we will go in search of adventures in a small town of about 1400 people located along the banks of Lake Tillery and the Pee Dee River.


The Town of Mt. Gilead began as the Providence settlement. This settlement was named by the leaders of the First Methodist Church. In 1855, the community's name was changed to Mt. Gilead, and in 1898 the Town was incorporated by the North Carolina General Assembly. From its inception through the 1930's, cotton was the biggest cash crop in Mt. Gilead. In the 1930's, as cotton farming waned in its importance, the textile industry emerged as the focal point of the local economy. Textiles dominated the local economic picture through the mid 1990's. Today in the abandoned cotton fields there springs forth another source of wealth for the Town: pine trees. This area has no shortage of timber, and the lumber industry has never been more important to the local economy than it is today.


No matter what region you visit in the United States, you will find evidence of the great Native American culture that established our country. Here in the Mt. Gilead area, they are lucky in having an organization that brings that culture to life.

The Town Creek Indian Mound is one of the most popular tourist attractions in North Carolina and is located a short distance from Mt. Gilead.

"Town Creek Indian Mound is an unusual phenomenon in the history of North American archaeology. Most archaeological sites are investigated for a few years and then archaeologists move on to new locations. Here long-range research has been conducted under several directors and different research plans. Town Creek, situated on Little River (a branch of the Great Pee Dee in central North Carolina), has been the focus of a consistent program of archaeological research under one director for more than 50 years.

This research has contributed to scientific understanding of the original inhabitants of our continent and has provided educational opportunities for many anthropology graduate and undergraduate students. Moreover, these scientific and high education contributions were made as the site contributed directly to public education."



The best part about the small towns of the Central Park region are their festivals and events. These annual events bring people together to celebrate all that is important in small towns and are so much fun, I look forward to going to as many as I can.

September Fest-

On September 12, 2009, bring the family to Mt. Gilead's September fest. This event will feature music, crafts, art, and lots of activities for everyone. For more information, please call the Mt. Gilead town hall at (910) 439-5111.

Town Creek Heritage Festival-

In September 12, this annual event with “Pow Wow” atmosphere includes singing, dancing, drumming, craft and food vendors. Fee charged: $4, adults, $1, 4-12 and three and under free. 12-5p.m. Come out and experience the history of the Native American culture.

Uwharrie Mountain Festival-

Although not held in Mt Gilead, this event, held the second Saturday in October, brings families and businesses from all across Montgomery County and beyond to enjoy the ancient Uwharrie Mountains. Believed to be one of the oldest mountains in America, this mountains and its forests are the pride of every small town in the area.


For regular readers of this blog, you know that this writer loves giving the insight on the best places to eat!

Ford Place Restaurant
Come to Mt. Gilead and you will hear all the buzz behind there newest establishment, the Ford Place. Owned by the people who bring you Henry's Tonight, this establishment has gotten a reputation by the locals as having some of the best food. And remember what I always say, the locals know there stuff, always ask! The owners are even putting in a 4000 foot event center for functions.

Check out their website for events, drinks specials, and loads of history about their building.